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  • Brand Leadership
    A risk taker who sets very high standards and demonstrates an unflinching leadership skills for the brands to grow and has the right determination into enlightening the business pathway through brand recognition.
  • Financial Performance
    The business have demonstrated strong financial performance and maintains a good track record in raising finance, coupled with quality investments to enable the brand to sustain.
  • Global Impact
    The business through the brand has expanded or plan to expand into international markets and has made global impacts resulting in improved living economics for the stakeholder and shareholder, and the local sphere of influence.
  • Personal Integrity / Influence
    Earns great respect from all level of community and is able to communicate ideas and influence the wider community through the brand which has been developed.
  • Strategic Direction
    Creates and turns business’s brand visions into realities, but also builds strategic alliances and empowers talents to achieve common goals through brand building.
  • Innovation
    Pioneered a new approach or technology for the brand, embraces changes for the brand and continuously innovates for better performance for the brand to grow.