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Peter his an experienced senior leader in education and career development, with that experience spanning Australia, Oceania, Asia, Europe and North America. This has included both private and public schools, vocational and higher education, global career management, as well as managing and partnering in his own businesses in China, India and Australia. He is currently CEO and Senior Partner in Bravo Consulting – a career development and executive coaching organisation with interests in Australia and India. He was previously the CEO of Swinburne College, a division of Swinburne University; the global manager of Careers & Learning for the Navitas group and spent 12 months as the European Manager for Navitas Professional. He is currently a member of the executive group of International Education Association of Australia as the convenor for Pathways Education. He was recently a member of the Asia-Pacific Workforce Roundtable, is a charter member of CEDA and provides consultancy services to education providers in developing strategic planning and initiatives. Peter is also a member of a number of company boards, principally with an education focus. He remains passionate in providing education experiences as a transformational agent for the development of individual, corporate and national capacity building; and continues to engage in forums and groups that align with the aim of using education and career to build a better world. Peter graduated with a Master in Education.


Abdulrahim Hassan Naqi is currently the Secretary General of the Federation of GCC Chambers (FGCCC). Being in the Federation of GCC, he has moved the business industry for the gulf region into greater heights. With more than 27 years of experience in the field of business matching, marketing, organizing multi events such as conferences, exhibitions, forums and training programs, Abdulrahim Hassan Naqi is recognized as the ‘Business Expert’. He is also currently the adviser to Ruler of Abu Dhabi.


Internationally renowned for his expertise in education leadership, Greg Parry's vast experience includes high-level positions with secondary and vocational institutions throughout Australia, the Middle East, the United States, India and China. A robust leader and dedicated educator, Greg's various positions at these institutes of learning include: CEO, director, headmaster and consultant.

Recognized for his numerous contributions in the education arena, Greg has received the Ministers Award for Excellence in School Leadership based on improvements in school performance and a range of successful principal training and leadership development programs, as well as the School of Excellence Award for Industry/School Partnerships and the School of Excellence Award for Technology Innovation.

Considered one of the premier experts in his profession, Greg has trained teachers and principals throughout the world in areas such as critical thinking, language development and leadership. His expertise in school start up projects, leadership and curriculum development, has made him a sought after authority in these disciplines.


Joanne is the Founder and Managing Director of ImmerQi, a leading provider of International Education Programs that bridge the cultural gap between East and West. Joanne founded ImmerQi over 21 years ago in Sydney, Australia and has been instrumental in growing the business across China, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Joanne is a leader and expert in student mobility in Asia and is incredibly passionate and involved in International Education, which has resulted in her establishment of a strong global network within the Industry.


Abubacker has been in the retail business for over 10 years in India. He has been looking after the Super Market Division of Femina Shopping Mall in Tiruchirappalli, India. Through all the competition in the retail sector which is fast growing in India, he has succeeded in forging ahead and building up his business in an innovative and futuristic manner thus creating a global brand name for Femina. In addition to heading the retail sector, Mr. Abubacker has diversified his business prospects to other fields such as Import and Exports, Hotel and Restaurant Sector, Real Estate, Beauty Salon, etc. He is ever willing to take on other challenging roles and puts in his full effort to succeed in every business he ventures in. He is young, energetic and hardworking with enthusiasm. He has attained hands-on business experiences with standards of excellence, which will certainly produce Quantum leap forward through his performances to the companies, in which he holds key responsibilities. At the age of 39, he is at holding the following posts the director of 4 shopping’s mall in India, director of 3 hotel chains, and several others. Abubacker has widely traveled to Far-East, Middle-East, South-East Asian Countries and Europe and holds the following posts; Joint Secretary for the Tamilnadu Traders Federation, Treasurer for the Tamilnadu Travel Federation and Zonal Secretary for United Economic Forum.

Mike Hu

Mike is currently the Chair for Sino-Europe Industry and Business Association and Secretary General of IEF US & EU. He is also the founding partner of China Youth Private Equity (CYPE). Since 1998, he has been involved in project management and investment banking. His key expertise is in strategic investment, joint venture investment and stock loans. Mike Hu has achieved success with transactions involving education, real estate, agriculture and other industries. CYPE works closely with leading investment institution and stock exchanges in China, Europe, US and the Middle East. In 2008 Mike Hu was appointed Secretary General of IEF (US and EU). IEF is a not for profit initiative which grew out of an agreement signed by President Hu Jintao and South Korea President Roh Moohyun in 2005. The IEF initiative is under the management of the Central China Communist Youth League (CCYL) and is supported by 14 Chinese Ministries. During his time as Secretary General,Mike Hu has aimed to make this IEF an active and dynamic platform for interaction and development between regional economies, investment institutions and global entrepreneurs. There are currently over 100 leading financial institutions involved in IEF activities; prominent among these are NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, 3I Capital, China State Development fund, Finergy Capital, IDG VC, SAIF, Sequoia Capital ect. Mike Hu is an active supporter of the China EU Urbanisation partnership. In April 2012 he co-founded the Sino European Industry and Business Association (SEIBA) together with leading entrepreneurs and investment institutions aiming to promote business cooperation and the mutual prosperity of China and EU.


Wong is currently the Secretary in Charge of The Global Brands Council. He is a serial entrepreneur. He is also the elected Secretary General for ASEAN Retail-Chains & Franchise Federation, an association under the purview of ASEAN Business Community and patron by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Formerly Wong is a student activist serving as the National Treasurer for the Malaysia National Private College Student Association and he graduated with a bachelor degree in the field of business administration with dean commendation from Ottawa University, USA. He also holds an advanced diploma in electrical-electronic engineering validated by Wigan & Leigh College, UK, UK equivalent to Higher National Diploma and is also a certified e-Business Technologies from University of California Berkeley, USA. Wong has years of experience in the field of marketing, branding, executive search, event management, magazine publishing, and training, and also specialises in new product development. In his past time he writes article and opinions on current issue for main and non-main stream media. Wong frequently gets invited to speak in major and local international conference and he organised numerous international conference on his own, and is a much sought after speaker. Throughout his work, Wong is a marketing branding specialist where he put his energy to maximize vertical brands extension that will lead to increase of sales.


Andrew Todd is the Country Director for ACT Education Solutions (AES) in China and is responsible for the development and implementation of AES’s business strategy in the country. The current business focus concentrates its efforts on growing and supporting student and institutional participation in the Global Assessment Certificate™ (GAC) and a suite of English Language Programs (ELP). His appointment as interim global GM of ACT Education Solutions Ltd has just been announced. He will assume this position on August 1st, 2015.

In 2001 Andrew joined the Australian education management company that created the GAC and was responsible for its launch in China in 2002. Since moving to Shanghai in 2005 he has been responsible for growing the number of GAC approved teaching centers in China from 7 to more than 100.

Before moving to China he worked in South Korea in a variety of roles including teaching university undergraduate and graduate courses, ESP with Lucky Goldstar (now LG), managing language schools, teacher training for Oxford University Press and several years as the marketing manager for Macmillan ELT in Korea.

He has presented in local and national events in the USA, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Greater China. A former Seoul chapter president of Korea TESOL, Andrew also served as Korea TESOL’s British Council Liaison in Seoul.


Adj. Prof. Maxshangkar (FGBC) graduated with B.Sc. in Computer Science (1st Class Honours) from University Technology of Malaysia (UTM).

After graduation despite being offered as network engineer with a lucrative salary, he rejected the offer and ventured into network marketing business for 4 years where he built his sales and marketing skills, leadership and valuable global networks. This led him to his destined path to venture into international commodity trading business where he jointly inked a single supply contract of close to USD2 billion and other supply contracts to few countries in South East Asia region.

In 2011, he established collaboration and partnership with a few renowned property experts to promote local Malaysian property projects, especially projects in Klang Valley, Johor Iskandar and Penang to foreign investors.

With his vast experience in global real estate investment and established trusted relationship with developers across the globe like Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, US, UK, New Zealand, St. Kitts and etc., he advised many prominent developers on corporate branding, public relationship and business strategies to establish their presence in Malaysia.

He has also advised many high net worth property investors to make wise choices investing in overseas property. Currently, he is handling several portfolios with combined GDV of more than USD500 million.

He is regularly invited as special speaker for private exclusive talk to high net worth property investors to share his time proven strategies and experiences of different times affecting the economic backdrop in the property segment. He is also regularly invited to speak at many international events and conferences, like the ASEAN Real Estate Investment Summit 2014 organized by Malaysian Government Agency, CIDB and UBM, Financial Growth Summit 2014 organized by Summit Capital and Affin Hwang Capital, and many appearing in live interview by TV Bernama and BloombergTV.

In 2015, he and MCM was awarded

  • Midas Touch Asia Enterprise Platinum Award” in the presence of Mr. Kofi Adnan, Former Secretary General of the United Nations
  • MTA Preferred Entrepreneur Award” presented by YB Dato’ Sri Mohd Nazir Tun Razak, Chairman of CIMB Group at Sunway University
  • Honorary Fellow” of Selangor Malay Chamber of Commerce
  • Youth Nation Building Award” by What You Should Know in 1st Global Leadership Series 2015, presented by former Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
  • Excellence in Global Real Estate Investment” by American Leadership Development Association (“ALDA”) in 5th Global Leadership Awards 2015.

In 2014, he and MCM was awarded

  • Industry Class in Investment & PR of Real Estate & Property” by The Malay Chamber of Commerce (Selangor) in the Selangor Excellence Business Awards 2014
  • “Top 10 Global Marketing Partners” by Dolphin Capital GmbH, a German developer and market leader in German Government Listed Building Refurbishment Projects.

He is the founder and C.E.O. of Max Capital Management (MCM) group of companies.


A serial entrepreneur, Chy Sila founded his first business in 1998 with seed money of $500. Having earned experiences as a tour guide and then in advertising & design, Sila and his partners went on to find CBM Corporation in 2002 and Sabay Digital Corporation in late 2007. CBM consists of 8 brands of F&B and catering services while Sabay Digital is an internationally respected digital entertainment company with core competencies in online gaming and internet publishing. Sila is also a director of the Platinum Cineplex. A Dynamic and idea-driven entrepreneur, Sila represents the new breed of Cambodian businesspeople. Professional and approachable, with a youthful outlook and passionate commitment to the growth, education and prosperity of all Cambodians.


Roger is a founding partner at LeanSphere and works with companies to improve their overall results, especially marketing efficiency. Prior to founding LeanSphere, Roger co-founded a number of startups and helped to turn around loss-making companies and organisations to profit. He also excel during his stint in sales, marketing and management track records working in MNCs and provided training and marketing communication consultancy for organisations and companies locally and internationally for over 15 years. Roger is actively involve in the social and business community. He has hold leadership and advisory roles in JCI Singapore (National President, Advisor and Ambassador), JCI Achiever (Advisor), JCI Entreprenuer (Advisor), JCI Batu Kawan (Advisor) and Asia Pacific Development Council. Roger holds a Bachelor in Mass Communication from Curtin University. From time to time he train and coach for JCI Singapore, JCI Malaysia, JCI Vietnam, JCI Cambodia, JCI Taiwan, JCI Japan, Institute of Public Relations, UCSI University. Roger is in the business to make the world a better place and he took the leap and founded the Asia Pacific CSR Seminar (2008 - present) and the Asian Academy (2011 - present) to promote CSR and ISR among the companies and individuals. He was awarded “Ten Outstanding Young People” award for the Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership in 2012. And his favourite quote is “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” - Mark Twain.