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The Global Branding Institute is a non-profit organisation and our mission is to enhance the capacity of branding and applied leadership of nonprofit organizations through research, education and engagement.

We connect with the community through leveraging the expertise and dedication of our faculty, adjunct professor and students, staff and community partners to build nonprofit capacity and develop branding and applied leaders.

Institutions of life long learning have always played a critical role in developing future leaders for global citizenry. As our world changes more rapidly than ever, we witness the blurring of sector lines in addressing society’s major challenges. We serve as a center of expertise, generator of knowledge, and host of a collaborative and diverse community of scholars, social innovators and entrepreneurs to build global branding and applied leadership.

Brand, Reputation and Applied Leadership management are key strategic tasks. They have significant impact on the overall sustainable business success of every organization.

As the first global think tank in this area the Global Branding Institute is committed to significantly contribute to further professionalization of stakeholder-guided brand, reputation and applied leadership management in business, research and education.

Our Approach

Brand Reputation & Applied Leadership are two sides of one coin. That’s what we know from many years of experience and from research. While most traditional approaches were either doing Brand or Reputation Management, we developed our innovative concept taking their interdependence into account along with applied leadership. Our integrated view leads to a further implication: Reputation is not a matter of having a “good” or a “bad” one. Reputation can be understood only with regards to the stakeholders of an organization – and must be conceptualised from their perspective. This is why our proven and meanwhile well-established concept is entitled Stakeholder-guided Brand Reputation & Applied Leadership Management.

Brand Reputation & Applied Leadership Think Tank

We know that excellence in Brand Reputation and Applied Leadership Management is driving business performance.

In integrating our advisory service, research and education we aim to set standards in Stakeholder-guided Brand Reputation & Applied Leadership Management for our clients and students.

Our concept of Stakeholder-guided Brand Reputation & Applied Leadership Management in the Institute actively supports the sustainable business performance of our clients and students

Considering ourselves a think tank encompasses lean structures. We follow our “boutique-approach” in which highly experienced consultants coach, counsel and adjunct professor will support our clients and students without building up agency-like structures. It is because this where the Institute play an important role which is to educate and enrich our clients and students.

Our Concept: Stakeholder-guided Brand Reputation & Applied Leadership Management by the Global Branding Institute

The following illustration shows in a concise way how an organization can develop over time to ultimately reach the level of management excellence as a Stakeholder-guided Brand Reputation & Leadership Organization through Global Branding Institute.