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Membership application with Global Branding Council

The Membership is offered by Global Brands Council (GBC) at different grade and levels based on number of years of experience in management, position and other criteria.

  • GBC will inform the applicant of the approved level or grade of membership and advise on the fee to be paid.
  • The Annual Subscription and Entrance Fee is payable in full upon approval of membership.
  • GBC reserves the right to reject any application.
  • For a more detailed briefing on GBC membership categories, please send us an email at and we will give you a call for a one-to-one consultation.

The Global Brands Council is an established global leading membership-based institution with an enviable reputation for delivering quality branding and leadership development services to its individual members.

You juggle many different hats in a day; from career, family to personal demands. You also make investments daily; your organisation, employees, advertising, expanded product lines, website and social media. You strategize and put in time, effort and money to generate positive returns. Choose to unlock and enhance your potential with Global Brands Council. We are committed in providing you with high quality learning experience, facilities, an established network of leaders and managers and a host of exclusive membership benefits that will add value to your growth as an individual.

Type of Membership

Student (SGBC) – College or University Students

Affiliate (AFGBC) – Individuals with supervisory capacity or with keen interest in advancing the art of branding and leadership

Associate (AGBC) – Management position which entails the use of branding principles and leadership methods

Member (MGBC) – Senior Management exposure with substantial responsibilities in functional and specialist experience in organisation branding and leadership

Associate Fellow (AFGBC) / Fellow (FGBC) – Leaders who have continuously contributed to industry, government and country in branding and leadership

Emeritus Fellow (EFGBC) By Invitation Only* - Eminent leaders who have significantly contributed to industry, government and country in branding and leadership (*Discretion by Court of Emeritus Fellow)

Adjunct Professor (By Invitation Only*) – To integrate industry experience and practices by industry practitioners in GBC's training and education via Global Branding Institute thus providing real-life situations in their professions.

Global Brands Council Membership Privilege

Professional Association

Experience the global network of Managers and Organisations that are independent, non-political and not-for-profit lead by the Global Top 10 Leadership Guru, Arthur Carmazzi

Development Centre

Invest in yourself. Enhance professional management in branding and leadership knowledge, skills and competencies


Stay ahead with best branding and leadership practices and industry standards


Crossover seamlessly between private, public sectors, higher learning institutions and management leadership


Position yourself with free exchanges of dialogues, ‘reality-driven’ management knowledge and experience


Build sustainable partnerships with other organisations locally and internationally

Widen Your Circle Of Influence

Join a community of vibrant Forward Thinkers

Exclusive Recognition
  • FREE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Talks
  • FREE copy of the Global Branding, the half a year magazine of Global Brands Council
  • FREE ACCESS to the e-library with GBC Membership Portal
  • FREE or Member Special Rate to participate in various events organised by GBC
  • Member Special Rate on all GBC Public and Corporate training and development programmes